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Why Identity Resolution By Codematics?

Technology partners who understand the sales process are essential to the success of your team. Founded in 2016, Codematics is driven by pioneers in the web-based sales industry. The history of this project goes back a long way. In fact, Codematics' identity graph was launched nearly a decade ago. Besides pay-per-click advertising, behavioral targeting, machine learning, and identity resolution, Codematics members are pioneers in other fields as well. All along, we have focused on maximizing sales and customer lifetime value for companies like yours. As a result, we have been innovating on this concept by studying the basics to advanced stuff based on direct-response marketing principles invented by world-class marketing geniuses.

"Having an edge over your competitors is key to success."

Aby Gulyani

President of Codematics

Numbers Behind Codematics Propriatary Identity Graph



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At Codematics, we strive to strengthen sales teams on more than just a professional level. This is a personal story, one that originated with one of our founders in his early years. His spiraling devastation caused by losing a job was evident to everyone around him. The company he worked for became an extension of his family. The consequences of a failing company can affect employees, customers, and entire communities. As a result, he developed a lifelong passion for business, entrepreneurship, and creating sales-enablement technologies that help companies succeed.

There are many forces competing for profits in your company. In almost every day, you have to deal with competitors, competitors' alternatives, buyers, and suppliers who are powerful and threaten to enter your market. Whether you need a sword or a shield, Codematics stands ready to defend you and all those you serve.

For more information on how Codematics and identity resolution can help your company, contact us and let's schedule a demo call. Codematics has a lot to offer you that can immediately improve your sales performance.