Looking for Sales Leads? You already have them!

Website Visitors Leads Unlocked

Your website can be used to unlock and convert closable leads using our NinjaPixel

Identity Resolution Pixel

Put an identity pixel on every page of your website.

You will receive insights on WebsiteVisitor leads based on their navigation behavior.

Adopt a sales message that matches navigation behavior

Utilize cumulative behavior groups to sort and target

Generate WebsiteVisitor Leads Daily

Visit our platform daily and grab your WebsiteVisitor leads.

Work WebsiteVisitor leads within 24 hours of their visit

Start sales staff on new leads first thing every morning

Stay top of mind

Account Based Contact Records

Receive contact records for the companies listed in your WebsiteVisitor leads

Save a fortune not having to buy these contact records

Start account based outreach immediately

Increase your odds of close by drilling deep on your best opportunities

Identity Resolution Playbooks

An easy to follow step-by-step plan to leverage your WebsiteVisitor leads

Leaving nothing to chance

Easily implementable best practices

Learn from others' mistakes - avoid them