Codematics Solution LLP helps businesses achieve explosive growth through the power of Growth Automation.

Websites can be used in various fashions: a personal website, a corporate website for a company, a government website


Growth Automation

If you're looking for a Growth Automation service that can help you build predictable, scalable, profitable and strategic marketing campaigns, then Codematics is the perfect solution for you. We use the power of AI, Machine Learning & Data Intelligence technology to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Marketing Automation

With Codematics, you can easily build comprehensive marketing plans, track results, and make adjustments on the fly to keep your campaigns on track. Our software makes it easy to track KPIs and ROI so you can see exactly how your campaigns are performing. And our expert support team is always here to help you get the most out of our platforms.


Content Automation

Codematics is a company that uses the power of human editors and world's best in class AI content generation tools to create irresistible offers that convert well and create automated client acquisition systems. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their desired outcomes and exceed their expectations.

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