Codematics Identity Resolution Platform

Customer behavior insights will be delivered ultra-fast, intelligently.


For businesses that receive a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month.

Our Launch plan includes

Helping teams like


For companies that want greater insight into their customers' journeys, this is the perfect solution.

Everything in Launch, plus

Helping teams like


Ideal for cross-functional teams who need deeper insights and data governance.

Everything in Growth, plus

Helping teams like

Early-stage startup looking to grow?

Apply for our Scholarship Program Startups with under $5M in funding and fewer than 20 employees receive one free year on our Growth plan.

Startup with a Black co-founder?

Apply for our Tech for Black Founders Program US-based startups with a Black co-founder, under $30M in funding, and fewer than 150 employees receive our Growth plan for free.

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Popular Product Bundles

Power the full insight-to-action loop with the Digital Analytics Platform

Understand your B2B customers

Account-level analytics to understand growth trends and opportunities within accounts based on product usage and user behavior.

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Insight across your multiple products

Account-level analytics to understand growth trends and opportunities within accounts based on product usage and user behavior.

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Test for impact and iterate fast

Rapidly design, launch, manage, and measure product experiments with a fraction of the technical resources.

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See Codematics Analytics in Action

Empower your teams with self-service insight into what bets to make, what features and customer actions lead to outcomes and where to double down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our plans or pricing structure, get in touch with a product specialist.

1. What is Identity Resolution?

An event is an action that a user takes in your product, like ‘Create account’, ‘Add to cart’, or ‘Share photo’. It could also be an event that occurs in your product without user action like ‘Verification completed’. You can also attach custom properties to an event. You can send Attitude events via our SDKs (iOS, Android, Javascript, Unity), server-side using our HTTPS API, or ETL partners like Segment and mParticle.

2. How can I estimate my event volume?

This number depends on several factors, but generally it’s calculated by multiplying your number of monthly active users by an estimate of the average number of actions a user performs each month. We’re here to help you figure this out! Get in touch.

3. Do you offer special pricing or discounts for startups?

Yes! The Attitude Startup Scholarship provides one year of our paid Growth plan features for free. Learn more and apply here.

4. What happens if I exceed 10 million events on the Starter plan?

We’ll alert you over email and in-product when you’re getting close to your event limit for the month. Once you’ve exceeded 10 million events per month three times, your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to access your charts and dashboards (you will still have access to certain admin functionality, such as the User API, so you can meet your compliance obligations). We will continue to ingest data that you send to Attitude, up to 100 million events per month. Above 100 million events per month, we’ll stop ingesting events for that month.


If you continue to exceed 10 million events per month and do not upgrade to one of our paid plans, your account will be deleted 6 months after your account was first blocked.

This page is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Contact sales for detailed pricing information.