Product Marketing Specialist / Growth Marketing

In this specific role, we are looking for someone with an interest in Health, Nutrition and taking over 1 of our key products and brands, and really loving to scale 1 brand through funnel marketing, content creation, advertising and brand campaigns.

As one of our Product Marketing Specialists for the English market, you are responsible for the implementation of the marketing success of our products & sub-brands. You will be the key stakeholder responsible for products that you will launch and optimize for evergreen traffic. For these products you will be trusted and responsible for the entire funnel and will be interacting with different stakeholders in the process (Traffic, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Films Team and Social Media) to facilitate the growth and scaling of your products.

This position involves studying and hands-on experience in Marketing Psychology, Conversion hacking, and Funnel building methodology. This role is crucial for Codematics as it has a direct impact on our revenue and expansion! With great power comes great responsibility – every new innovation or discovery you successfully implement on your funnel will be also implemented across all our other funnels and will immediately generate revenue. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!

The Product Marketing team is a very tight-knit team. We care about each other’s growth and well-being. We are always there for one another to support you and push you forward. Our team values are Co-elevation, Growth and Ownership – which means no one gets left behind, either we all win together or no one does. What we care most about, over marketing experience, is hiring people who fit these values and have that spark to want to make a dent in the universe.


  • Product Managers: Maintain and innovate on three to four sub-brands that will be assigned to you. You will be fully responsible for the growth of these products and their revenue targets.
  • Innovations: Come up with new ideas to optimize our funnels to grow revenue.
  • Brand Management: Working with external partners and stakeholders to position 1 of our key health & nutrition products.
  • Testing: A/B testing innovative ideas
  • Research: Constantly learn the cutting-edge marketing practices in the industry, and figure out how they can be brought to your product funnels.
  • Funnel building: Building funnels, target market analysis and finding the best market fit for your product. This will involve project management, creating & maintaining a straight line for standard operations, and communication with key stakeholders.
  • Conversion Hacking: Responsible for improving conversion along the funnel
  • Innovation and Growth Process Implementation: Following growth methodology, prioritize the most impactful ideas from your research and execute them fast.
  • Measuring the impact: Reporting on important metrics from Google Analytics, Dashboards and any other 3rd party tools that may be used.
  • Marketing Psychology: Defining the marketing psychology, hooks and paradigm shifts for the Product and ensuring that the entire product is in alignment with the overall Marketing Strategy and Codematics branding.
  • Generate Revenue: Responsible for increasing Codematics revenue from the success of both product launch and evergreen.


  • Interest in Health and Nutrition, Relationships is a plus
  • Growth Hacking Mindset: Constantly innovating and coming up with ideas to scale our products.
  • Stronghold on data analysis and data-driven decision making: Data is a huge part of this job so you need to love numbers and be able to connect the dots with different data sets and make clear conclusions.
  • Innovative: Is eager to go out in the market and search what competitors are doing, coming up with ideas to test.
  • Brand Management: Loves working with 1 product and 1 brand and growing this out
  • Testing: Execute tests based on innovative ideas.
  • Addicted to Learning and passionate about selling products online: This mindset is critical because, like every role, this will involve a lot of project management but you can’t settle there, and this mindset will enable you to challenge all existing practices, research and study what’s happening in the world and constantly bring it back to Codematics. We will be investing in this person’s learning by purchasing new courses and sending you for external training in the future.
  • Marketing tech-savvy: Familiarity with Email Marketing, Google Analytics, A/b/ Testing, Social Platforms,  etc.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, an exceptional team player and able to handle tight deadlines, fast execution while being detailed-oriented.
  • Project Management: Excellent time management and project management skills.
  • Proficient English Speaker 

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