Product Designer

As a Product Designer, you will likely have 2 years or more of relevant industry and are equipped with both a passion for web apps and mobile apps technology as well as experience and aesthetics.

Your role requires collaboration, working with other designers, product managers, and engineers. It is essential to be a team player, a thinker and have an open mind for constructive but supportive feedback. As a designer, you are expected to deliver concrete end-to-end solutions that take into account the best user experience and user interface practices. Creating user stories, wireframes, user flows, high-fidelity UI Design and figuring out complex problems should be by default in your skillset.


  • Turn broad and conceptual ideas into easy-to-use products.
  • Optimize the user experience based on user behavioral data.
  • You get high on great user experiences and appreciate web standards as guidelines.
  • Willing to work with genius programmers to make brilliant ideas a beautiful reality.
  • Have the capability of figuring out user flows and coming out with functional solutions to existing user interface/experience problems.


  • Ability to understand and create UX artifacts
  • Ability to craft beautiful User Interfaces
  • Ability to work in a product team environment.
  • Ability to create an accessible design.
  • Have a constant thirst for learning and improvement.
  • You are attached to the problems you are presented with, not to the solutions.
  • Figma blindfolded with one hand tied to your back.
  • You are excited about Codematics mission. If you have a special interest in marketing automation, growth automation, content marketing, education, personal growth, health & fitness, financial investment or related topics tell us about it in your application!


  • Familiarity with micro-animations and After Effects is a bonus.
  • Familiarity with AR and VR design is a bonus.

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