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Capture more revenue with growth automation solution.

Codematics is a powerful growth automation solution that helps you go beyond basic website analytics to discover which strategies, site content, and marketing efforts drove a lead, phone call, or sale. Plus, Codematics makes it easy to set up automated lead nurturing workflows so you can focus on your core business goals. With Codematics, you'll get the insights you need to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts and optimize your website for maximum conversion.


Emergent Marketing At Scale

Codematics is a growth automation service that helps you integrate everything at one place. With Codematics, you can manage your search, social, paid, email, and other digital marketing channels all in one place. Codematics makes it easy to keep up with the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing, and provides all the tools you need to succeed. With Codematics, you can grow your business faster and easier than ever before.


What is Growth Automation?

With the help of our monthly growth automation service, you can scale your campaigns at large. We have a team that will nurture leads automatically or calculate ROI across channels so it's easy for businesses to take advantage and achieve their marketing goals quickly without much effort on behalf of management! We work behind the scenes in your business, and make magic happen!

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We act as your partner, not a consultant.

Fixed monthly rate

Subscribe and request your designs. No contracts, no minimums, and no fees.

Unlimited automation & executions

Receive your automations setup within a few business days, and be updated on the process.

Totally async

Don't like meetings? We don't either, so we have outlawed them completely—async embedded within your flow.

Outside of growth automation services, marketing automation offers the following benefits:

  • Streamline lead nurturing efforts, like automated email workflows
  • Expedite lead management and ensure information-sharing across sales reps
  • Deliver personalized experiences at scale
  • Calculate ROI across channels, timeframes, and more
  • Determine user paths to purchase and credit appropriate marketing efforts
  • Improve lead generation efforts through automated lead nurturing

And more…

If you want to learn more about marketing automation’s benefits, check out our case studies!

There’s a right way to develop a thorough marketing strategy.

Proper reporting and frequent site conversion analysis are essential, but marketing automation services can be the icing on the cake. That’s why we offer online marketing automation plans to help you make the most of your online marketing efforts.

Our team of marketing automation consultants will create a custom strategy that’s tailored to your needs and designed to keep your business growing. They’ll integrate the marketing automation tools in AutoReply with the focus on taking your leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to the sales-ready process.

AutoReply uses tracking codes through social networks, email, and referring websites to track the behavior of your prospective customers. Then, it reports all of this information in your custom reporting dashboard.

The dashboard can record which search term was used to access your website, which link was clicked in an email, which social thread was followed, and much more. You can use this information to get a better understanding of the paths your leads take to becoming customers. With this knowledge, you can more effectively reach and influence your customers from first interest all the way through to the sale.

The marketing automation consultants at Codematics will also devise a plan to best report on the leads coming through to your business. This information gives you a big-picture view of your marketing strategy as a whole, and allows you to best leverage the channels that are bringing in your most qualified leads moving forward.

Unlike many marketing automation service providers, we don’t use cookie-cutter marketing solutions for our clients.

Our automation consulting services are designed to provide you with a custom-tailored system that will work for your company, specifically. And once we’ve determined the best solution for your business, we’ll work with you to implement it and improve it over time.

Flat monthly fee, for all your automation needs.

$4,995 per month

No contracts, no minimums, and no fees.

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$6,995 per month

No contracts, no minimums, and no fees.

What's Included?

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