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Guaranteed Whale Client within 90 Days (Paying $20k-$30k per month)

100% Fulfilment covered By Us & 100% White Labeled Solution Ready To Use in Next 24 Hours

Daily Website Visitor Leads For You Delivered Straight to Your CRM

You Are Here Cos You Don't Want More

...You don't want more theory or 'how to videos'

...You don't want to be sold the latest shiny object or tactic

...You don't want more lessons on creating an offer

...You don't want mindset training

...You don't want to waste anymore money on FB ads

And you absolutely don't want another mastermind, private inner-circle, weekly meet-up, how to guide, confusing slack channel...

You're tired of analysis paralysis on which offer to choose, which niche to focus on...

You know that you can do it yourself...but right now you need a catalyst for growth.

Something to force you past the $10k per month hump into $50k+ territory...allowing you to breathe and focus more on what you truly want to do with your agency...

Fact is This: You're sick of agency growth coaching programs - you need results, you need it done for you and you need a guarantee behind it...

So let's skip the VSL and drawn out sales letter -- here is our offer (skip to the bottom if you don't want a quick intro about us).

Here is How We Can Guarantee 2-3 Whales in Under 90 Days:

1# We Won't Be Going After Struggling Small Businesses - Who Neg Over $20/Day Ad spend.

We know that 99% of agencies (and the coaches) are selling the same thing and have burnt the market...pretty bad.

We know that the easy prey 'local services niches' are so badly burnt from all the agency bros that sending them a cold email would run shivers down their spine...

We are not looking to deal with dozens of small $1k, $2k retainers - we want a maximum of 3-4 whale clients you can bank $20k-$130k from every month...from a single client.

We are going whale hunting, and you will be using our lists, our warm intros and literally take the deals we give you.

#2 We Already Have a Tested and Proven Holy Grail Offer You Can Sell for $20k, $50k and Even $100k per Month Based on Performance.

Don't bother trying to build yet another irresistible offer, just use ours instead. We have done our homework and we know what big companies will pay $20k, $50k and even $100k per month to have fixed.

This is not some 'cookie cutter' offer or 'bizz opp' - this is what we know is a very expensive problem in 2022 that we have a solution for. How we make $ on this is through performance, so it's virtually zero risk and a no brainer offer to your prospect.

3# 100% White Labeled Solution With Our Mutually Beneficial Partnership Program

This offer is super easy to close (you'll see why) however we already have our own models and sales methods which can be plugged into your business with our 6 Powerful Bull Dog Offers.

These are offers which has already banked $25m in sales for our clients. They are seriously here to make the big bucks with you.

#4 Our Own Vendors and Team Will Handle 100% of Fulfilment - in Done For You model. Leaving You With 70%+ Margins:

You don't have to fulfil on don't even need to hire VA's or a white label team to do it.

This is 100% handled by us and our team. We have our own vendors, fulfilment teams and data partners.

Are You Finally Ready to Stop Dealing With Tire Kicking Lead Gen Clients and Land $20k, $50k Whales in Next 90 Days or Less?

Results From Our MBP Partners

Michael Hit $50k in 9 Weeks

Michael was going after low ticket clients charging $1k-$3k per month. After adapting both the offer we built and our 'MBP Outreach Method' he was building partnerships with agencies who were pitching him new clients every week. He is now at $100k per month and beyond, expanding his team.

Marc Closed a $12k Client in His First 30 Days

Marc begin using the 'Bull Dog 1 Offer' we built him to offer Identity resolution services to high end businesses. Within his first week through just LinkedIn outreach he had meetings lined up with high profile businesses. By Day 30, he had a $12k monthly retainer at 80% margins.

Dylan Closed $40k within 30 Days of Launch

After re-building Dylan's offer and targeting, he was able to land a $40k monthly retainer just through using the LinkedIn and Cold email system we set-up.

Justin Closed a $17,500 Monthly Retainer in 25 Days of Launch

Within 25 days of launching his new offer, and taking advantage of Bull Dog 4 offer' Justin was able to close a deal where he would provide all data for the client. This is completely hands off for Justin.

Adam Hit $22k Monthly Revenue Starting From Complete Scratch.

After testing dozens of different offers and attempting numerous programs, we worked with Adam to re-build his offer from the ground up.

He wanted to do something within SEO however within making the client wait months for rankings. We used Bull Dog 6 Offer' to provide Adam access to AI systems that would rank over 100,000 pages for targeted keywords across just a few weeks.

He hit $22,500 MRR just from this offer and using our Linkedin system.

Scott Landed Deals With Fortune 500 Brands Using 1 Bull Dog Offer

Scott wanted to go after 'whales', so we built him an offer that businesses literally could not refuse. The deal utilised 'Bull Dog 1' where we helped him leverage identity resolution to 2-3x sales of any online website within weeks.

He is now dealing with Fortune 500 brands including a $12B mortgage lender.

Jason and Alvin Began Working with Brands Like Nike, Walmart, HR Block and Jackson Hewitt

Jason and Alvin were running a Youtube Ads agency however wanted an offer so good that they could work with whale clients. We used Bull Dog Offer 1 and 2 and simple organic outreach to open the flood gates - booking calls with the companies such as Nike, Walmart, HR Block and more.

Alex Has Top Tier Agencies Pitching Him $90m Deals

Alex has been using our 2nd Bull Dog offer to its full potential and started seeing MASSIVE results within a span of a few weeks.

John who was able to land meetings with major franchises, one deal worth over $100k with 4,000 real estate offices using these offers.

John used Bull Dog Offer 1 to begin locking down large real estate offices and franchises. His biggest deal was with 4,000 real estate agents across 500 offices.

John Hit $70,588 Cash Collected in 6 Months on Passive Revenue

John used our organic outreach method to collect over 70,000 CASH within 6 months. This was purely organic - no as required.

*All of our methods and strategies are shared with our MBP partners in membership area on Upcoach. (You will receive an option to join it on the next page.)

No Bullsh*t Just Real Results

15k Closed in 4 days

14k Closed within a week

Added $12,000, In Just A Day

$10,500 closed after 3 days

First EVER $5,000 Close

$7,000 Closed


CODEMATICS™ is a group of B2C & B2B marketers, data scientists and sales ninjas.

Using our Identity Resolution technology, we help you grow your sales pipeline by resolving the identity of visitors on your website, including their names, phone numbers, 658+ parameters, including all their navigation behavior by tracking 280+ million users based in the USA using our proprietary Identity Graph tracking 100 billion user behaviors every day and matching with 40+ billion emails. Sounds confusing? Get on a strategy call!

CODEMATICS™ is a mad scientist laboratory for us to research, test and document the latest client acquisition systems and technology - then make this accessible so that businesses can scale.

You Have Questions and We Have Answers:

"Are Their On-going Costs For Fulfilment etc Outside of This

Nope. The beautiful thing about this offer is the way we/you make money is based on performance. This means the fulfilment costs etc is covered by us and paid purely out of profits we generate. You don't cover any additional costs.

"What Does the "Guarantee" Even Mean? I Have Been Burnt By Guarantees in the Past as Most Have So Many Loop Holes."

Our guarantee is one or more clients paying minimum of $20k per month in performance retainer. Put simply, YOU will be paid based on the profit we make your client, meaning a $5k per month client will quickly become a $25k per month client - as their profit compounds based on the results we get. Great for you, great for us, great for your client. And create a win-win-win partnership which is strategically mutually profitable for everyone.

"If This is Such a No-brainer Offer - Why Aren't You Doing This For Yourselves?"

That's the thing - we are. We are using the exact same offer to grow our own technology company, CODEMATICS™ and all the leads/deals coming in are from our own contacts and relationships. Every 1-3 months, we pick 10 agency owners to come along for the ride and it's usually those that need fast growth or a catalyst they can use to hit benchmarks. This is not "coaching" where we do what we say, not what we do. We are in the trenches with you. And we both, as a party are involved during this entire process one to one.

Will This Offer Become Saturated Like Everything Else Out There?

This offer is extremely unique and we doubt you will find anything else like it - in saying this, the types of prospects we are closing are likely in the to %, meaning they are not small businesses and likely $1m+ in ARR. We only accept 10 agency owners in this program at a time as YES, it can become saturated quick and there are only so many whales to go around - this is why we literally can only bring in 10 at a time.

Do We Have to Run Our Own Ads or Cover Ad Spend?

No. Almost every deal we generate is through our own efforts and relationships. These are big businesses who likely won't respond to a VSL or basic ads funnel. There will be no ad spend fees for you to cover.

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