A new era of
customer acquisition

Own your data. Build your audience. Dominate your market.

IdentityResolution brings big data technology with real Artifical Intelligence to improve your website customer identity & online tracking.

We collect more data and install system that deliver more sales, higher conversation at a predictable lower price forever.


Employ the same cutting edge tech as major brands:

Create, Capture and Convert more
of the Traffic you are already paying for

IdentityResolution gives you a complete view of your market, prospects, and customers. Reach and engage target audiences, build personalized buyer journeys, and act instantly on intent signals across the customer lifecycle.

Instantly crush acquisition cost

Optimize The Spend On Digital Ads: reduce the cost of conversions by only spending ad dollars on leads who are most likely to buy instead of low-value clicks. Gone are the days of high CPAs, CPMs, CPLs...anything that starts with a "C".

Own and control the entire buyers journey

Imagine you had access to the entire addressable market. Now, imagine you could contact that market at the very beginning, middle, and end of their buyer's journey. Controlling the entire experience. With IdentityResolution, you can.

Full identify everyone. Enrichment is not enough.

Every day, qualified buyers visit your website. To you, they
are anonymous. To us, they are huge revenue opportunities.
We leverage identity resolution using our first party secure
data to unlock 200%-400% more of your site visitors and
turn them into paying customers.

We us this new real-time data to re-convert your non-paying visitors back into paying customers.

By combining IdentityResolution™️ with the power of AudienceID™, you'll now have the power to validate and enrich the identity of prospects who land on your website - while uncovering their browsing activity across the internet. Including your competitor's prospects.

The performance marketing agency
that moves fast & breaks things.

Like sales records, plateaus, and your competitors' hearts.
The only thing we don't break? Our promises and the bank.

Unlock 30X more opportunities from site traffic. In one day.

With IdentityResolution, you can optimize your digital ad spend and increase conversions from outreach by retargeting fully identified and qualified leads only.

No opt-in. No Problem.

Resolve the identity of up to 70% of your site traffic to turn them into buyers with retargeting and personalized outreach–managed for you.

Own and control your own data.

Every data set we own is first party. Which means every contact you see has been validated in real time. Act of both personal and business data to arm your teams with the information they need.

Platform agnostic audience targeting.

Break free of the veiled garden of Google and Facebook. With IdentityResolution, you'll be playing a game with no limits on where or when your audience can be found and contacted. Choose to target your marketing efforts on any channel imaginable. Own the targeting to communicate anytime, anywhere, about any topic, to anyone.

Retarget anywhere

When you have as much first party data as we do, you're not limited to any single platform.

Communicate Everywhere

Build a data-driven approach to sales with personalized outreach and the ability for your reps to prioritize their time.

Take a mathematical approach to growth.

20% of your prospects bring 80% of your revenue. 3% of that audience is ready to convert today. With IdentityResolution– that 3% just became your 1%

Lock down your ROI per hour invested

Unlike adding another SaaS product to your stack that requires time and resources to implement, IdentityResolution is designed to leverage both expert strategists and real AI to bolt directly into your current flow.

AI-enabled service with a license to convert

By combining our in-house expertise and set-up with our licensed performance tech, you receive the best of both worlds without having to personally step foot in either.

Target only in-market leads.

Intent isn't enough. Segment and retarget only qualified traffic vetted over millions of behaviors across billions of URLs and search terms. Understand their proximity to solution and map their full personal profile back to your CRM.

Market to prospects before your competition even knows they exist.

By combining the behaviour of your prospects with the keywords they are searching for on Google and Youtube you can market to those prospects before they go to your competitors. Besides who wants to pay Google for clicks? We sure don't.

Or is that not enough...

All your customer touch points, personalized.

Within 90 seconds of an anonymous visitor landing on your website, we can then automatically segment and show personalized ads based on behaviour and purchase propensity. We then us AI and machine learning to send personalized offers via email, direct mail and LinkedIn campaigns to all of your site visitors.

Build hyper targeted exact match audiences for ad platforms.

Segment and use our AudienceMatch™ feature to encrypt the rich consumer profiles back into platforms like Facebook, Google and TikTok. Gone are the days of low match rate and relying on an 'educated guess'. With AudienceMatch™ you can stop wasting money on irrelevant clicks and build the most powerful audiences online.

The results speak for themselves


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Under the Hood of Our Identity Graph


Consumer Data Points


Consumer Profiles


Consumer Emails


Verified B2B Emails

How it works

Fully verified first party data fed into your in-house ecosystem of licensed targeting tech. IdentityResolution applies the power of AI to your opportunity pipeline.


Feed your growth machine

Our AudienceID Pixel resolves the identity of 40-60% of your site visitors. That data is then qualified against our 270 million contacts across 5 billion tracked behaviors everyday per day. High-intent and high-fit resolved contacts are funneled automatically to your CRM on an endless loop. Every. Single. Day.

How it works

Fully verified first party data fed into your in-house ecosystem of licensed targeting tech. IdentityResolution applies the power of AI to your opportunity pipeline.


Optimize your advertising

We train Facebook and Google how to Facebook and Google better through our own AudienceID™ Pixel. Match Optimization boosts conversion event signals by up to 80% above Facebooks best.

How it works

Fully verified first party data fed into your in-house ecosystem of licensed targeting tech. IdentityResolution applies the power of AI to your opportunity pipeline.


Enhance your omni-channel outreach

We deploy custom Email, Direct mail and LinkedIn campaigns to connect with your site visitors across multiple channels. Get your solution in front of qualified leads, wherever they may roam.

How it works

Fully verified first party data fed into your in-house ecosystem of licensed targeting tech. IdentityResolution applies the power of AI to your opportunity pipeline.


Audiences: Delivered on demand

Your strategist will provide 10,000 - 100,000 ICP-matched contacts served up on a CRM platter from our first party database. In your first week. Kick your outreach into contextual high-gear.

Less time.
Less effort.
Fewer dollars
More qualified leads.

Until now, IdentityResolution has been available exclusively for enterprise level companies within our lab. Today, after six years of validation, we're bringing it to those on the front lines of growth. No retainers. No six figure contracts. Just performance with predictable progression.


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