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Imagine having that 3% delivered to you every hour on a digital silver platter. Codematics™️ makes this a reality.

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10 minute set-up: Identify your industry >> Isolate and rank your in-market audience. >> Weaponized growth: turn data into profits

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Take control of your data. Get your audience to know you. Take over your market.

Stage 1

Identity Intent Based Audience

Once they becomes aware of a their problem, prospects research and define it thoroughly. They can't resolve their PROBLEM's solution until they gain a complete understanding of the relevant issues.

Stage 2

Finding Right Solution

In stage 2, prospects are solely focused on how to take care of their problems. They can choose from a variety of options. As an example. You can take pills, creams, or injections. So that they KNOW which options best suit the result they wish to achieve, they can make a more informed decision.

Stage 3

Comparing & Finding Options

Stage 3, prospects are looking for a solution to their problem and they are looking for someone WHO can help. Once they have learned from you through all three stages and are satisfied with your performance, they will then fill out a form, book a demo or initiate a 1-to-1/Zoom meeting. You and I know that more than 98 percent of these prospects won't take any action to move forward, right away.

Most people believe that 98% visitors who abandon your website buy from your competitors. It is true that some of your customers leave your site for competitors or alternatives, but not exactly how much, you might think. Most visitors abandon your website without taking any action.

How do you overcome the status quo? That's your REAL problem!

Despite doing some research, landing on your website, they are definately interested, right? Infact, 98% of them are closeable. However, they have not contacted you to begin the selling process. Most visitors leave your site without taking any action.

In spite of the fact that website is amazing & informative plus your content has gained a great deal of momentum, but you can expect only so much that can be done on your website.

To solve this problem, we follow up immediately and have a one-to-one conversation that builds instant rapport, trust & relationship with your prospects, destroying the status quo and closing the deal.

Recognize & Convert

In 3 easy steps, you can convert your existing visitors into closable pipeline leads:

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Identity Resolution 101

With 360 degree view

Using our Identity Resolution technology, we help you grow your sales pipeline by resolving the identity of visitors on your website including their name, phone number 600+ parameters including all their navigation behavior.

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Above & Beyond

Improve lead conversion rates by 50%+ even after iOS 14's update

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Solving Your Revenue Gap

Using Our Audience Builder

Using our Identity Graph, we help you find people in the market right now looking for your solution at this very moment. This saves you not only lots of ad budget money into testing, but helps you with hyper targeting your audience on any advertising platform.

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Optimize Your Advertising

You can reduce your ad costs by as much as 80%

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Run Shadow Funnels

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Reactivate your leads with powerful automations and what we call, Shadow funnels. Its not your product launch style. Its instant, and its automated. Its something new, and far more advanced which takes list building on steroids. Yes, its evergreen as well and completely on autopilot!

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Audience Targeting That is Platform Agnostic.

Make sure your message is seen everywhere

Be able to communicate everywhere

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Activate, GOD MODE.

Run Marketing Campaigns on Steroids

A visitor who lands on your site anonymously can be automatically segmented and shown personalized ads based on his or her behavior and purchase propensity within 90 seconds. Our team then uses AI and machine learning to personalize the offers sent to all visitors to your site via Email, SMS, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns.

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Simple Pricing that Scales

Codematics has a plan to fit your needs, whether you're just starting out or are in hypergrowth mode.

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What's included

Place our ID resolution pixel on your website.

Segment leads by behavior

Download WebsiteVisitor leads daily

Account-based contact records

WebsiteVisitor Playbook


Custom Pricing

What's included​

WebsiteVisitor PLUS

Identify prospects, by name, email, phone no., company and navigation behavior throughout the entire buyer’s journey

Segment & target by behavior

Optional - Have us run a multi-channel ad campaign

Execution on In-The-Market Playbook


Custom Pricing

What's included​

In-the-Market PLUS

Segment & target your Ideal Client Profile

Have us run a multi-channel ad campaign

Execution on MarketPlace Playbook

Commonly Asked Questions

Similar to Facebook Pixel/Google Analytics Pixel, you place a unique pixel on your website. We match visitors to those pages using our proprietary identity graph that represents over 270 million U.S. internet users. While we cannot resolve every visitor’s ID, most of them can be delivered.

We provide you with their name, email, and mobile phone number, company information, age, amount of money they make, and type of car they drive, as well as when their car insurance expires. Additionally, you’ll be able to see which pages they visited while on your site.

WebsiteVisitor from Codematics is a cloud-based, standalone platform. You can view, categorize, and export your leads on-demand once you have an account with us. There is no limit to how many people can use the account per company website. Besides B2B lead information, we also provide more than 700 parameters for B2C leads

Web users in the United States are the only ones whose identities we resolve. Companies from outside the U.S. can use our platform, but their web traffic will only be resolved in the U.S.

There is no need for integration. WebsiteVisitor is a standalone service from Codematics. We can work with most CRM systems to integrate this platform once your sales team sees how powerful it is. Nevertheless, all leads in our custom-built CRM will be accessible to you by default. We also assist with building custom audiences for Facebook ads, Google ads, and other re-activation campaigns.

There isn’t one, theoretically. It is better, however, if there is more traffic. A minimum of 2,000 unique visitors per month is recommended unless you are selling extremely high-ticket items and have an exceptional closing ratio.

Some of the best companies in the world don’t have robust web traffic. We can assist with that as well. We drive qualified visitors to your site through our In-The-Market and Marketplace programs. Learn more by contacting our team.

Ideally, you’re right. Our solutions are designed specifically for medium to large businesses that sell to other businesses. Moreover, if you are an e-commerce brand looking to increase your conversions. Surprisingly, we have a lot of clients who are working in the B2C space as well who are using our solution. What fuels our mission can be found in our Why Us section.

So, even if you are selling B2C you can still benefit from our solution.

In both cases, yes! A detailed playbook will be provided to you on how to harness WebsiteVisitor’s power. Should you have any issues or questions, our responsive support team will assist you as soon as possible.

Let them watch our video (which we share once you book a demo). You can start by booking a demo and inviting your key decision-makers to attend. We promise to make it informative, entertaining, and concise. It will be clear to your team at the end of the demo if Codematics WebsiteVisitor will be a good fit for your business.

The process takes less than 30 minutes. WebsiteVisitor delivers all the intel your sales team needs each day, and you will learn how it works. In the event that the demo lasts longer than expected, it is likely because you and your team wish to continue the conversation. Which frankly we understand, since you will be pretty excited to use this technology to change the dynamics and build huge profit center in your business 🙂

Yes, capturing your traffic is 100% legal. U.S. citizens are considered “opt-out” jurisdictions under CAN-SPAM, meaning they are not prohibited from receiving marketing emails unless they have previously requested not to receive them.

If you follow CAN-SPAM guidelines, such as the ability for recipients to opt out, you can do similar types of non-opt-in marketing, with direct mail lists, email purchase lists, industry lists, etc., all of which are legal.

Our technology is 100% compliant with CAN-SPAM, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) & Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA), adhering to California, Colorado & Virginia Privacy Laws as well as the rest of the United Stages.

Our process of storing, collecting, and using data is compliant, but we are not responsible for how you use the data in your marketing campaigns.

Feel free to reach our team to go through Legal Complaince Guide.

Several people are actively using our technology and producing six to seven figures. Although Identity Resolution has the potential to produce an INSANE ROI, we cannot guarantee every user will use it to its full potential and achieve an ROI. Using all the resources available can only make the most of this technology – it is up to YOU to maximize its potential.

Yes, capturing your traffic is 100% legal. And won’t get your account in trouble on any of the platform. When you signup with us, we guide you through the entire process to stay compliant and also ask you to update your privacy policy, terms & conditions and setup your opt out notice on your website.

Infact, Google & Facebook support the database we share about your website visitors and integrate well with SHA256/MD5 protocol used to anonymise website visitors information since it helps them get better results with your ads by hyper targeting your ideal audience. Reducing down your ad costs. Increase more profits. And helping you achieve higher ROI on your ad costs. 🙂  

You can decide for yourself, but most clients are surprised to find they are already doing this, albeit with other platforms and methods. In essence, it’s retargeting – but on a platform you didn’t know existed.

In many cases, people who didn’t consent to your marketing are being reached with Google display ads, direct mail, email purchase lists, tradeshow lists, and social media ads (or retargeting campaigns). Fortunately, they don’t complain or freak out. They simply ignore the ad or unsubscribe if it is not of interest to them.

You are already in the “intent phase” if your website has already been visited, and they are looking at you as a solution to their problem or need. You don’t need to be egregious to put valuable content or offers in front of that audience. Considering a savvy marketing perspective, it would be more egregious not to market back to people who have already checked you out.

I’m guessing you’re already using Facebook Pixels or Google Pixels for that? Your retargeting efforts would benefit from adding the more cost-effective “email method”?

We only charge for visitors that we are able to successfully convert into an email address, since this technology does not capture and reveal all website visitors. In some cases, customers receive up to 70% of their traffic converted into emails, while in others, a much smaller percentage is captured. Our monthly fee covers the first 10,000 successful emails, and you only pay if an email address is matched with a visitor.

We provide you with Playbooks, as well as guide you through the entire process once you are onboarded as a client with us. We have some ninja techniques and proprietary email marketing knowledge which is accessible to client so they don’t harm their website’s reputation and still are able to run scalable, profitable and high volume email marketing campaigns hitting the inbox of each and every resolved leads. 

As we capture and validate the emails before sending them to you, you shouldn’t have any problems. Nevertheless, you must consider what content you put in front of your audience when retargeting, as each audience will respond differently. By following a few best practices, you should not have any problems with your sending reputation. As a matter of fact, we haven’t had any clients experience this yet.

Start with a secondary email provider account if you’re more cautious (until you’re comfortable with what kind of metrics you can expect), and track your metrics until you’re comfortable.

Our 30+ years of combined experience in email marketing enables us to manage the entire execution of your email campaign. We use our platform and sending reputation to take all of the burdens off of your shoulders. Reach our team to get pricing details.


Our technology is much more accurate because it reveals the exact person engaging with your site, rather than a building, corporation, or registered agent. Typically, businesses share their IP addresses between computers, so IP targeting provides information about the company and not the individual visiting your site.

Weekly web traffic reports are emailed to you (or if you prefer every other week or monthly, we can do that too). For those looking for daily email lists, we have the capability to do that, but extra fees would apply. Feel free to call or email us for details.


At no extra charge, we can create unique pixels for each page you wish to reveal your traffic for & also build a custom segmented audience. Using this method, you can create custom retargeting campaigns and send specific offers to visitors to specific pages (such as abandoned carts or specific products). Imagine how relevant your retargeting messages can be when you segment your list this way.


It is typical for 70% of emails to reveal first name and last name, and the remaining 30% reveal only email addresses. If you need company name, job title and “multiple emails” for each contact, we can provide those for an additional fee (pennies per email). Please call us for more information.

We suggest scheduling a brief call to discuss this process because there are several variables to consider.

After 30 days, the engagement becomes month-to-month. We won’t charge you another dime if it doesn’t work for you! We strive to build long-term relationships with our “Happy” customers, so we provide a risk-free trial for a couple of days as well.

P.S. Subject to your qualification to use our solution.

Frequently, we get asked this question – the answer relates to real traffic versus bots. Even if it is a bot or the same person registered twice as two different users, Google Analytics and other platforms still show every single visit. There is a possibility that around 38% of traffic is bot traffic [See Clickcease]. With Identity Resolution by Codematics Analytics platform, all bots are filtered out and only real devices and users are registered.

In most cases, our platform and Google Analytics differ by 20% because of these filters.

Over 2 million people use Matomo, an open-source analytics platform as well as a great alternative for Google Analytics. To ensure our technology runs smoothly and our users get data in real time, we host it in this environment. In the absence of this addition, there would be a delay in the time it takes to match MD5/SHA256 Identifier with actual PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in our proprietary identity graph.

Various tools, such as Hyros, Triple Whale, and Segment, focus on the attribution of ads. You can track which ads generate sales using a form of print tracking. 

A fundamental difference between Identity Resolution and any other tracking tool is that we use an external ‘identity graph’ that consists of trillions of data points in order to provide you with not only the ad which generated sales, but also the name, number, e-mail address, and over 1000 other details regarding the purchase. Furthermore, this increases the match rate between ad platforms and your ads.

Click on the BOOK DEMO button. And schedule a meeting with us. 🙂

This demo presentation will show you what other customers have achieved with our platform.

You’re going to see how much information we can gather about your audience using our proprietary analytics platform.

You’ll have the opportunity to get started if you like what you see.

Win by adapting

A successful company today isn't necessarily smartest or strongest, but the one that adapts and adjusts to the changing business environment.

These implications provide companies with the opportunity to develop sound strategies that will not only enable them to survive, but also thrive over their competition.

In addition to solving your immediate pain, identity resolution will help your company achieve its winning goals. During a time of survival, Identity Resolution provides your company with a competitive edge in capturing market share.

Identity Resolution Technology engineered to build rapid growth & closeable insights.

Make data your secret weapon. Today. Just like our other clients:

Hundreds of companies around the globe rely on our Identity Resolution technology including the Fortune 500 companies. De-anonymize your website traffic using our platform and your customer data. And we can identify 30% to 70% of anonymous website traffic using our platform.